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Calorimetry - For People Who are All About DIY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
For People Who Like to Make Things Themselves

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Calorimetry [Mar. 22nd, 2010|11:47 pm]
For People Who Like to Make Things Themselves
After a very long break i finally finished something; calorimetry! Pattern here. Very fast and easy to make.
It was supposed to be for my boyfriend, but it became too short. The pattern says 120 stitches, but someone said it's too much, 80 was enough for her, so i did it with 90 stitches.. obviously i knit quite tight coz it barely fits for me and i have pretty small head :D Some other colour would have been nicer, but I'm currently living abroad and that yarn was only one i have, and i really wanted to knit something :D

Anyhow, it will be awesome to wear in the autumn.

I did another one for the bf with 120 stitches and not that wide coz he asked me to, but it's not good either, i guess the problem is his head shape :D need to try something else..

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