For People Who are All About DIY

For People Who Like to Make Things Themselves
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This community is for crafty people who like to make things themselves (diy).
This Community was created for ppl to showcase their DIY stuff. Originally I was going to create a personal DIY journal, but then I thought why not share my DIY creations with others and have others share their's with me. So if you have made something that you are proud off you can post it and show it off and you can give others ideas. This is not a selling journal, there are plenty of those you can join, this is just for ppl who love to make things themselves; ppl who aren't just satisfied with what they've got, but rather have to turn their things into something greater or pieces of art.

Anyway to join this community you must prove that you are a bonafied DIY-er and post 3 pics and descriptions of things you DIY-ed, because I don't want any random Joe Schmoe joining my community to post junk stuff.